+ Mission

Italian Heritage and Quality is active in furniture and construction materials.
Its mission is introducing and successfully develop made in Italy brands

+ Brand Portfolio

Our brand portfolio is built to cover different price points and styles, in a way to match local taste. We collaborate with some of the most prestigious Italian brands as well as highly specialized companies in made-to-measure projects, lighting and technical construction materials

+ Distribution

Our main task is establishing profitable commercial relationships between our key clients and local companies. We run an ongoing due diligence to select proper partners, with which establish long term relationship, based on modern business management and shared vision.

+ Contracts

We leverage a structured network of companies and professionals to offer our clients the ideal support for their project , in residential, commercial, hospitality and community sectors.

Construction Materials
Our partners invest in quality, research and innovation to deliver state-of the-art solutions

Architectural Services
We cooperate with architects and interior designers, or we can provide a construction partner with international architectural expertise.

We are experienced in working on highly customized projects, to be challenged by international competition as well as to work on different budgets.

+ Home Decor

We are currently working on developing a “made in Italy” home décor destination. Having covered the business plan activities, we are currently running a due diligence to select the proper investor, a company with a solid retail back-ground.

For further information download our Investor guidelines or contact the division manager


  • Business Planning
  • Development strategy
  • A&P Management
  • Trade Marketing
  • Product Training
  • Management Coaching

IHQ - Managing Partner
Paolo Rossetto

Mobile +39(338)6416533